Steve Ariens, P.D.   Pharmacist .

Last Updated May 2013

Having a chronic pain wife, Steve has been forced to deal first hand with a system where those who complain with chronic pain or viewed with a great deal of skepticism.

Speaking with Pharmacists throughout the country, it became obvious that the vast majority would rather consider most patients taking long term opiate as "drug junkies" rather than try to figure out the legit patients from the bogus ones.

Some have little choice, while over 40 states have active Prescription Drug Management Programs, certain large corporate pharmacies do not provide their Pharmacists with Internet access, which is the only way a report can be obtained. Those that do have access, fail to sign up and/or profess a handful of excuses why they can't/won't use these databases.

Likewise, all to many prescribers are skeptical of those coming to them complaining of constant pain. The result is a non-systematic approach to treating those with chronic pain and determining who, in fact are pseudo-addicts, addicts or doctor shoppers.

In the end, the majority of chronic pain patients are under-treated, and the rest bounce from prescriber to prescriber and pharmacy to pharmacy to get what they want/need.

What has been created is a systematic protocol that can be used in various practice settings.

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