Steve Ariens, P.D.   Pharmacist .

Last Updated May 2013

The chain drug stores are pushing their staffs to beyond human limits at times

The Pharmacists are required to work 14 hr days often with no scheduled breaks
The chains have installed visual "timers" on the Rx dept computer system... writing staff up if working too slow
Daily/Hourly quotas on Rxs filled and vaccines given.. or more write ups
The system is ripe for med errors.
Generally Pharmacists don't document their concerns/complaints in writing.
Staffing and work environments are being developed/implemented by non-Pharmacists and are not/can't being challenged.

I know:
where their closets are with all the skeletons
where the "weak link" in the chain pharmacies are
where the Achilles heel of the Rx dept's working environment is.. that lead to errors.

75% of the state Boards of pharmacy are inbred with chain employees/execs
Chains are always agreeing to settlements - often in the millions - with confidentially agreements or admitting no wrong doing. - it seems to be considered a regular cost of doing business
100,000 people are kill annually by medical errors and 1.5 million are harmed by medication mistakes
Most Pharmacists carry ONE MILLION in professional liability insurance, many carry and additional ONE MILLION dollar umbrella.. not to mention what is available from the deep pockets of the chains.

lot of low hanging fruit, ready to be picked!