Steve Ariens, P.D.   Pharmacist .

Last Updated May 2013

Under treated chronic pain patients can be a drain on the staff's physical and mental energies. Basically, potentially "robbing" man-hours that could be devoted to other patient's needs.

While the new DEA regulations permit the prescriber to designate a "agent of record" to handle the verbal ordering of Controlled Substances (C-III thru C-V). Generally, implementing such a process has proven to be difficult at the facility level.

Our system can provide a Pharmacist to establish a collaborative agreement with prescribers and at the request of the prescriber or facility to evaluate a chronic pain patient and make recommendations to help improve the patient's quality of life and improve pain management. Which should result in less staffing man-hours caring for the patient's needs. Helping to reduce staff stress, improve patient and patient's family satisfaction with level of care.

Typically cost savings for Part A and private pay patients can be $30+/day for their chronic pain medication expeditures.

Having a chronic pain consultant available for patient care can give the facility a marketing advantage over their competitors. All else being equal, relatives considering placing a loved one with chronic pain into a LTCF, having a chronic pain consultant available should help sway their decision.

We can show the prescriber and/or facility how to use off the shelf software to track controlled prescriptions refills and expiration dates to help assure that a valid Rx is on hand at the pharmacy. Helping to unnecessarily avoid missed passes and having the patient's pain return and throwing them into withdrawal.

ces are very cost effective, we charge a flat fee per patient evaluation which includes a 30 day follow up phone consults. Once the patient is stablized, we are available on a "prn" basis. There is no on going monthly charges.