Steve Ariens, P.D.   Pharmacist .

Last Updated May 2013

If you are employed by a corporate employer, your corporate employer has one basic goal... reducing expenses and maxizing output by each employee. Often this type of work environment can induce errors on the patients

Doesn't matter your work environment - Community/Retail  - Hospital - Long Term Care.

If you are PIC.. the BOP looks to you to maintain the legal operation of the Rx dept.. your employer - the permit holder - at most will get a fine... when things hit the fan

If you are staff RPH, you have certain legal responsibilities .. regardless of what edicts or mandates that come down from your employer.

Quality control stops and starts with you.. It may be in your best interest to have an attorney express your concerns to management over legal issues or issues that could cause harm to the patients.

If you don't want to hire an attorney there are proper procedures that you should follow to protect both your job, license and patients. I can advise you on those procedures.. before you "go out on a limb" and put your job at risk, while doing nothing to improve patient safety.